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  • Low Achievers in Math:
  • Low Achievers in Science:
  • Low Achievers in Reading:
  • Early leavers from education and training:
  • Tertiary education attainment:
  • Early childhood education and care:
  • Employment rate of recent graduates:

About this page:

This page provides the output of one of the activities related to EU2020 support, the JAF methodology. Country achievements for five ET 2020 operational benchmarks (main indicators, sub-indicators, and sub-groups) are summarised in tables and then visualised in graphs to allow a comparison to performance at the EU level.
You can find a quick overview of the content of the section here, and the definition of the benchmarks, sub-groups and sub-indicators here.

An explanation of the interpretation of the charts is provided here.
More information on the methodology can be found in this report.

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The tables for all indicators can be downloaded directly using the links below.

Tables for non-PISA Indicators

Tables for PISA Indicators

Cross-Country Charts