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According to the benchmark for mobility in higher education (Learning Mobility in Higher Education benchmark, LMHE), agreed by the Council of Ministers of Education, Youth, Culture & Sport during its meeting on 29 November 2011: “by 2020, an EU average of at least 20% of higher education graduates should have had a period of higher education-related study or training (including work placements) abroad, representing a minimum of 15 ECTS credits or lasting a minimum of three months”. While the complete set of data needed for the benchmark will be available only in 2018, Eurostat released the first information on the number of mobile graduates during 2015, based on UOE data for the academic year 2012/2013. Starting from these data, CRELL provided the first estimates of the learning mobility in higher education indicators. The estimates were computed for both degree mobile graduates and mobile students, for ISCED 5 to 8 as a whole, and for the single ISCED levels. Both outward and inward mobility indicators were produced, either considering a general picture of countries for which data is available, or considering intra-EU mobility only.

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