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  1. CRELL has been working actively in the topic of foreign language competences since 2009 by providing support to DG Education and Culture on this topic. Specifically, CRELL was a part of the Advisory Boards of the Language Competence of the European Survey on Language Competence (ESLC) and of the European Indicator of Language Competence (EILC). In this capacity, CRELL participates in meetings, comments and revises technical documents, develops analysis with the ESLC database and prepares technical briefs related to foreign language skills. Regarding the research developed on factors explaining foreign language proficiency, CRELL contributed with input from the secondary analysis of the ESLC survey for the Education and Training Monitor 2013. CRELL will continue to advise on future language studies launched by DG EAC and to advise on the future development of EU benchmarks related to language learning.

  2. The CRELL website hosts the European Survey on Language Competences (ESLC) database. From the CRELL website it is possible to download the ESLC database in SAS, SPSS, R, and ASCII formats. In addition, the website includes questionnaires (student, teacher and school/principal’s), codebooks, the Final Report, the Technical Report and the Executive Summary of the survey. For the Final Report specific Tables and Excel files are also available.

  3. Technical Report on Foreign languages and Employability
    The aim of this work is to investigate relationships between work status and (self-reported) foreign language skills, using data from the 2011 Adult Education Survey (AES). In particular, the analysis will look into these relationships taking into account the adults’ highest level of education attained and their field of the study.

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